Shadrack Frimpong is an Associate Fellow from Ghana. He is also a Queens’s Young Leader, social entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Cocoa360.

Shadrack was born and raised in Tarkwa Breman, a small village in the Western Region of Ghana and is the son of a farmer and charcoal seller. Rather than follow his parents he chartered a different course for himself. He worked his way up to receive scholarships and went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania, only to return to Ghana to give back to his community with the establishment of Cocoa360.

Cocoa360 is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to facilitate access to education and improve health care through cocoa farming revenue.

Cocoa360 utilises community-owned resources to raise capital to be returned into community development. Shadrack "farm for impact" model transforms rural resources into hard education outputs for local youth. His work is community based and community driven. Working from the bottom up the Cocoa360 recognises that only from this perspective can sustainable development continue.

If you want to found out more about Shadrack's work and Cocoa 360 or the other Associate Fellows please contact us at [email protected]