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Interview with Warda Batool - Pakistan - (She/Her): A Passionate Advocate for Gender Equality - Executive Committee Member - Research & Policy.

This interview is held with Eman Borg (He/Him) - CYGEN Coordinator

Eman Borg: It's great to meet you. Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your work?

Warda Batool: Thank you! I'm a gender rights advocate from Pakistan and currently working as a policy researcher in Germany. My end goal is to push for evidence-informed policy changes that lead to gender mainstreaming across all areas and create a world free of discrimination and inequalities.

Eman: Can you tell us a bit more about what led you to this point in your career?

Warda: Certainly. My journey has been driven by a deep-seated passion for gender equality and the desire to create meaningful change. My experiences in Pakistan and now in Germany have provided me with unique insights into the challenges and opportunities in gender rights advocacy. Working as a policy researcher has allowed me to focus on evidence-informed policy changes, which I believe are crucial for sustainable progress.

Eman: What is your million dollar dream?

Warda: Not only, that is the ideal scenario. My million-dollar dream is to build a community of empowered women through workshops, training, and social action projects. These projects could include financing businesses or providing vocational training to help women become independent. The best part is, it probably doesn't even need a million dollars to achieve!

Eman: Indeed it does not! We are asking our ExCo Members what their favorite ice cream flavor is.

Warda: It depends on my mood! It could be pistachio, chocolate, peach, hazelnut, or lemon.

Eman: A versatile palate! Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?

Warda: My biggest inspirations are my parents. My mother has always been resilient in the face of hardship and has never given up. My father worked hard all his life but never let his smile dull down. Their strength and positivity continue to inspire me every day.

Eman: Your parents sound like incredible individuals, and an inspiration for all young people.  Why should young gender activists engage with CYGEN?

Warda: Joining CYGEN was one of the best decisions of my life as a youth activist. It helps you form lifelong connections with fellow activists and gives you the opportunity to upscale your advocacy projects with all the guidance you need. CYGEN provides a supportive and resourceful environment that empowers young activists to make a real difference.

Eman: What message would you like to share with young people who aspire to make a difference?

Warda: Stay curious and open-minded. The world is constantly changing, and so are the challenges we face. Educate yourself continuously, adapt to new circumstances, and innovate in your approaches. Most importantly, stay true to your values and let your compassion drive your actions. Change may not happen overnight, but your dedication will inspire others and contribute to a ripple effect of positive transformation.

Eman: Thank you for sharing your story and insights. It’s been wonderful talking to you. Best of luck with your continued efforts in gender equality advocacy!


The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Royal Commonwealth Society.

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