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Interview with Dorine Tyr - Togo - (She/Her): A Fresh Perspective at CYGEN - Campaign Lead Executive Committee Member.

This interview is held with Eman Borg (He/Him) - CYGEN Coordinator

Eman Borg: Dorine, Congratulations on joining the CYGEN leadership team! How does it feel to be part of such a network?

Dorine Tyr: Thank you! It feels incredible to be part of CYGEN. This network is filled with passionate individuals dedicated to promoting gender equality, and I'm thrilled to contribute to such a vital cause.

Eman: That’s fantastic. Can you share with us your million-dollar dream?

Dorine: My million-dollar dream is to see the youth across the world equipped with the skills necessary to make a sustainable impact in their various communities. Their active engagement is pivotal to building a better world, and this can only happen through holistic and cross-cutting training.

Eman: That is a dream, that we can all get behind. On a lighter note, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Dorine: Chocolate! I can't resist its rich, creamy taste.

Eman: Chocolate is a classic favorite. Who has been your biggest inspiration in your journey so far, and why?

Dorine: I consider my late biological mother to be one of my biggest inspirations. The thought of her drives me to want to make a difference, break barriers, and blaze trails for generations to come, with a view to honoring her input and investment in me.

Eman: Your mother sounds like an incredible woman. Thank you for sharing such an intimate story with us. Now, why do you think young gender activists should engage with CYGEN?

Dorine: CYGEN is the place to be for young gender activists. It's a unique network of like-minded people who join hands to build a more equitable society and shift paradigms. CYGEN encourages its members to take initiative and provides invaluable support in realizing their objectives and projects. It's constantly evolving and breaking new grounds, giving young gender activists the chance to contribute ideas and be an integral part of the story that is being written.

Eman…and can you tell us a bit about your background and what led you to this point?

Dorine: Certainly. I am a trained jurist, radio host, thought leader, and Fulbright grantee from Togo. I hold a Research Master’s degree in private law from the University of Lomé, Togo. My professional journey includes working with the Africa Women Journalism Project (AWJP), in collaboration with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ), as a consultant and research assistant on gender representation in Francophone Africa media. I founded "English Within Your Reach," a radio show program aimed at enhancing Togo’s bilingual educational system and fostering women empowerment.

I am an alumna of several leadership programs, including the Ubuntu United Nations Leaders Academy and the U.S. Embassy Lomé Leadership Program. My areas of expertise encompass business, project and contract management, research, and communication. I also convene DIALOGUES, a social and educative event where participants increase their knowledge of socio-economic issues.

Eman: It's inspiring to see someone so dedicated to making a positive impact. What message would you like to share with young people who aspire to make a difference?

Dorine: I would encourage young people to embrace their passion and convictions. Believe in the power of your ideas and actions, and never underestimate the ripple effect they can create. It's crucial to stay resilient in the face of challenges, seek mentorship from those who have walked similar paths, and always strive for inclusivity and collaboration in your endeavors. Most importantly, make choices today that will set you up for success tomorrow and be bold enough to be different, as your influence lies in your difference.


The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Royal Commonwealth Society.

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