Since 2010, more than 87,000 young people have participated in The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Competition. So many stories, so many poems and tales from across the Commonwealth. We spoke to Eden from Kenya to hear her story and why she thinks more young people should participate in the Competition. 

There are four topics to choose from. What’s the best way to decide which one to write about?

First read through all the topics, then select which ones most interest you, lastly choose the topic that connects with your current situation.

Do you have any tips to help you think around the topic you choose?

When you are preparing to write, read many books that relate to your topic, do plenty of online research, ask for help from others and avoid stalling for days between your writing.

Presentation is important – how can you ensure your writing is well presented?

To present your essay well use descriptive verbs, specific nouns, choose unique names, and use a variety of adjectives.

How can teachers, librarians or even friends help?

To know the standards you should reach in your writing, read the essays that won in the past. Teachers, librarians and even your parents have experience in writing so ask for help. Your friends will help you to be more open minded so share your ideas with them.

How do you think reading books can help?

When you read books you will be more exposed to the world of writing. You will also understand how writings are presented.

Do entrants have to submit an essay; can you write a poem or script instead?

If a poem or script interests you more than an essay and nothing in the rules prevents you to do so, then go for it!

What tips would you have for someone wanting to improve their writing skills generally?

To improve your writing skills, enter more writing competitions; write book reports, school trip reports, and even holiday reports.

What’s your top tip for making sure your entry is as brilliant as it can possibly be?

You want your essay to be at its best ask your family members and friends to read it and give you comments, also compare it with the essay of the last year’s winner and see if you have reached those standards.

Is there any other writing advice you would like to share?

As you are writing one topic you may find that another topic interests you more, or you prefer to write a poem rather than the script you’ve been doing. Don’t be afraid to change, remember your entry must be at its best.

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