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I Stand for Change Cyprus

I Stand for Change Cyprus is a project which celebrates the LGBTQ+ Community in Cyprus and to aims remove the prejudice associated around it.

This project is evolving by trying to include people from both the South part of Cyprus and North part of Cyprus. The LGBTQ+ Community in Cyprus is one of the most discriminated communities, which causes minorities to not only be afraid of their lives but also flee the country.

This is a video project that was filmed in 2021 and is currently being edited. We are using the sun and colours to show how beautiful LGBTQ+ people are and how everyone beyond and in the binary can express themselves through colours, make up and the clothes that they are wearing. It was important to us to show the bright side of this community and how creative, kind and open minded the people in it can be.

We have gathered volunteers from all over Cyprus to celebrate being queer by writing on posters and quotes about the LGBTQ+ community, expressing their deepest concerns. Alongside the upcoming video, we photographed volunteers holding their signs and some of the pride flags, making a collage and a colourful Instagram account.

Our future plans include the finalization of the video and an art exhibition where we can showcase it, as well as other LGBTQ+ artists’ work (including poetry, paintings, short films etc).


I am Christia Demetriou, the founder of I Stand for Change Cyprus. I am a 21 year old Economics student at the University of Cyprus and the President of the LGBTQ+ and Allies Club of my University. I am an activist and a public speaker on LGBTQ+ rights while advocating for human rights. I have been working with various voluntary projects, as well as High Commissioners in Cyprus who are fighting for equality (#diplomatsforequality).


The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Royal Commonwealth Society.

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