The photo above is of St Vincent & The Grenadines dedication to The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy - the Vermont Nature Trail. 

Every Commonwealth country has the opportunity to participate in the QCC by nominating and dedicating existing or future conservation projects that meet the broad objectives of the initiative. 

Those countries with limited forest cover will also have the opportunity to participate through the planting of native trees, the conservation of other indigenous vegetation, or by supporting QCC partnerships with fellow Commonwealth members. 

Cost-free commitment 

A major advantage of the QCC is its utilisation of existing forestry resources and projects throughout the Commonwealth. Participation is free and comes without regulatory obligations for accredited projects.

Criteria to join the QCC

Projects considered for inclusion in The Queen's Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) should have the endorsement of the relevant government and forestry or conservation authority, contain clear objectives that include sustainable forest conservation and encourage, where possible, the participation of local people in the management of the project. 

As a flagship programme in The Queen's name, it is important that the proposed projects are free of political controversy and unlikely to attract adverse publicity. 

Accreditation process

The Royal Commonwealth Society, in consultation with Cool Earth and the Commonwealth Forestry, coordinates an accreditation process to ensure that proposed projects meet the criteria for QCC inclusion. 

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