The following guidelines provide some useful insights from previous judges who have had experience recognising what makes a good piece of writing, and may help you get started on your submission:

  1. Choose to answer one of the topics, and you are encouraged to interpret this in any way you wish.  
  2. Think carefully about the form of writing you use to answer the topic. There are a variety of forms and styles to play with.
  3. Make sure to use your own voice and your own words. Judges are very good at spotting work that is not original. 
  4. We understand that English is a diverse language and there are different and innovative ways of using it around the Commonwealth. We encourage diversity and creativity of language in submissions.
  5. Ensure you take into account grammar and punctuation whilst writing your piece. Do not submit an entry without proof-reading.
  6. Presentation is important: think about the visual appearance of the entry as well as the quality of the content.