Inspiring Leadership, Creating a Legacy

The Associate Fellow Network is made up of amazing and inspiring young individuals from across the Commonwealth. They are Queen's Young Leaders, Women of the Future and outstanding young change-makers nominated by the RCS and RCS Branches for making a difference in their community or area of work. 

Associate Fellowship of the Royal Commonwealth Society offers our amazing young leaders the opportunity to become part of an ever-growing network, offering opportunities, resources and a platform for discussion. With young professionals from all 53 Commonwealth countries the Associate Fellows are truly a Commonwealth-wide network. 

The network is shaped and led by Associate Fellows, who use it as a rich resource of people, knowledge and organisations to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and build bridges across the five regions of the Commonwealth. Associate Fellows are presented with a unique platform to connect with young professionals from anywhere within the Commonwealth, which has led to valuable and fruitful partnerships. 

Associate Fellows have regularly been invited to feed into the policy and advocacy work of the RCS, including work on gender equality, visas, early child marriage, the environment and Brexit. 

Associate Fellowship is granted to those who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to promoting the values of the Commonwealth and working to improve the lives of Commonwealth citizens. 

An Associate Fellow or interested in becoming or supporting the Associate Fellowship? Email [email protected] to find out how.